Solo project

4 Weeks

 Case study ︎︎︎

We help you to use all the food you have before it goes bad.

The Challenge
In high and medium-income countries, ‘we waste 40% of our purchased food by not preparing it well’–not eating before it expires or not eating all the food we have prepared.

The Outcome
The Avocado app helps us make conscientious decisions to purchase what we intend to eat and eat what is purchased. The app will keep on track of their existing ingredients at home and sends a simple reminder which food will go bad soon. The users will be able to reduce food waste, time, money and help the environment.


Select your preferences


Upload your groceries


Search recipes utilizing your ingredients


Follow your recipe


A push notification is
sent as a reminder for
what to eat soon

Hi-fi prototype


I have a lot of interest 👀 in my surroundings. This shows up best in the portfolio, where the majority of my projects were inspired by little things around me.