Askhub app

2 Months 

Hyundai Motors

Product Designer

The Challenge
Create an app combining frequently used lifestyle apps.

The existing apps were outdated and hard to use. 

The Outcome
As the sole designer on the team, I created a more intuitive and consistent UI design for our users.

I worked closely with engineers and PMs on a cross-functional team during this project.

I was the sole designer collaborating with the Hyundai UX and engineering team on this app. I’ve selected two prompts that we had the most design variations and in-depth user testings.

User’s pain points

Our users use various apps daily to get their choirs done — Cleaning, Pet care, Food delivery, Beauty appointments etc.

  • Many apps were outdated and hard to use — old payment system (more steps to make a payment), having services that no longer exist.

  • Time consuming — Checking out each services from each app.  

  • Hard to keep on track of the things they need to do.

  • Inconsistent design between services.

Business owner’s pain points

  • Difficult to advertise their new promotions. 

  • It is time consuming and costly to frequently update their apps.


We found three opportunity areas from both the users and the business owners.

Promotional banners : for the business to advertise their promotions to a wider variety of audiences. 

For the users to re-visit their favorite services at once. 

A consistent UI design for different services and for the user to check out multiple orders from different companies at once.


From the user feedback, we narrowed the list down to the 3 most popular options.

Design variations

Option 1

  • This design utilises a layered approach to help users intuitively understand the way that they navigate through the application.

Option 2

  • We tried to activate photography to create a more compelling narrative. 

  • The contents in the Favorites section were designed smaller for the users so they could see multiple recently used services at once. 

Option 3

  • Photographic collage and composition to tell a story to the users. 

  • One of the painpoints was that Askhub offered 10 services, and the photographs were taking a lot of space. This made it harder for the users to scroll and find the service they were looking for.

Feedback from the users: 

The users preferred seeing multiple services in one screen without scrolling down, but they were more engaged with the photos that were used on the right.

More interviews...

After the feedback, we decided to find a way to have more engaging photographs to attract users.

Final design before the 2nd user feedback

User Feedback

After getting the final design approved, we tested the design on a mobile device. However, the promotion banner was taking up almost half of the phone and it was harder to access the main feature of the app — the list of various services.


Further User Feedback


Design Variations

Option 1

  • To be more consistent with the background images, we tried to apply photographs.

  • We wanted our users to have a personalised experience when using the app. Hence, photographs of people from each industry were displayed on the banners.

Option 2

  • Illustration-oriented design.

  • Colourful background was chosen to stand out and emphasise the type.

  • We believed that the illustrations stood out amongst other photographs used in the app.

Design Variations

  • The illustrations were gathered from different illustrators online to create more diverse compositions.

Final Design

  • As the banners were promotions, we focused on creating a ‘clickable’ design that was exciting.

  • Our users said that they were fun and yet not too intrusive.

I have a lot of interest 👀 in my surroundings. This shows up best in the portfolio, where the majority of my projects were inspired by little things around me.