Design Lead

Usability testing, User research, UX/UI design
Known Issues, Salesforce

Revamping the Salesforce’s Known Issues site to empower customers with an enhanced experience—enabling them to swiftly locate relevant information and effortlessly track issues


Identify User Problems and Validate

The user research process for this project was divided into three distinct steps. As we didn't have a dedicated researcher, I took the lead on this initiative with support from the product team.

Research Findings

  1. Outdated and Time-Consuming Filtering: There are a total of 185 tags available to filter the results, but they are displayed in one long line in alphabetical order. This arrangement makes it difficult for users to find the relevant tag they are looking for.

  2. Lack of Multi-Tag Selection: Users are unable to select more than one tag at a time, which leads to broad search results. This limitation restricts the precision of filtering and makes it harder for users to narrow down their search effectively.

  3. Difficulty in Tracking Interacted Known Issues: The website lacks a proper system for users to follow up on the progress of an issue. The only available method is to wait for a status update email and then dig through their inbox to find the relevant information.


Optimized Navigation and Information Access

Following the interviews, we've identified key improvements for enhancing search on our site:

  1. Displaying creation and update dates on issues is crucial for users to identify relevant content.

  2. Implementing a multi-level filter system will enable more precise search results.

  3. Tracking issues that affect user work, including updates from Salesforce and potential obstacles, is essential for users to navigate effectively."

Our recent website redesign focuses on creating a warmer, more user-friendly experience. By improving visuals and reorganizing content, we've enhanced readability and the overall structure. This revamp, guided by user feedback, makes searching and navigating our site more intuitive and enjoyable.

Measuring success

Customer Support Case Deflection

The project's success will be gauged by its ability to lower the volume of customer support cases and reduce customer frustration with tracking issues.

Key strategies include streamlining the search process and making issue logging easier, thereby decreasing the time customers spend seeking solutions.

Measurable outcomes include a reduction in direct support queries and quicker, more accurate responses to logged issues, enhancing overall customer experience and satisfaction. The aim is to create a more self-sufficient and contented user base through improved search efficiency and simplified issue reporting.

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