Design Lead


Usability testing, User research, Design

Prioritization by Clouds, Salesforce
Redesigning prioritization experience on the IdeaExchange site for Salesforce customers to prioritize ideas on multiple product areas.


Gaps and opportunity areas

Our two main stakeholders are customers and PMs and we conducted surveys and interviews to find out gaps and opportunities.

Previously, we did prioritization 3x/year with a mixture of product areas on the prioritization list.

Customers have expressed frustration because:
  1. If they use multiple products, they have to spread the coins across multiple product areas
  2. If they only use one or a few products, and that product happens not to feature prominently on the list, they don’t care about many of the features on the list

Product teams also wanted:
  1. to be able to put forth a list focused on just their product area so that their roadmap can be prioritized without the distraction/competition of other product features.
  2. to focus on ideas in their products so that their roadmap can be prioritized without the distraction or/and competition of other product features

Measuring Success

Building trust with our customers`

During our interview sessions and overall perception of the IdeaExchange from our long term customers were becoming negative as they didn’t receive any response or the areas they’re interested in were not available for prioritization cycles.

  1. Increase in number of users participating in prioritization
  2. More ideas from our users delivered from Salesforce product teams 

We came up with a few designs and we narrowed it down after some usability testing interviews with some IdeaExchange users.

End to End Flow 
Increasing user engagement rate

As I mentioned above, the user engagement rate on the IdeaExchange site has been decreasing. Hence, not only we wanted to provide multiple clouds for them to prioritize on, we wanted to create a continuous experience by adding the completion page to encourage further participation after finishing a prioritization exercise.

After Launch
Measuring success

  • 30% increase in prioritization particiapation 1 month after the launch 
    waiting for idea delivery rate 
  • Waiting to get some data on how many ideas are delivered after this new cycle

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